Chiara's Senior Session!

We don't like to do typical, especially with a beauty like Chiara!  We had this grand idea of going to the Seven Magic Mountains art installation in Jean, NV to take Ms. Chiara's senior portraits, but when we got there, mother nature did not want to play and quickly blew us out of town!  We managed to snap a few shots before rushing out and heading to the our backup location before sunset.   Enjoy!

Jacy and Nicks Desert Elopement

This is one of those "got it" couples.  You know those made for each other, probably flirting after 50 years of marriage, connected at the cellular level types. I never had the chance to meet them before their wedding day, but the second I saw them I knew I was in for the real thing.  I've done a bunch of elopements now and they are my absolute favorite.  Not because they're easy to shoot or shorter in time, but because I feel so privileged to be one of the few people to witness this life altering moment.  I really feel part of it.  I always keep a special connection with my eloped couples and Jacy and Nick are no exception.  Enjoy! 

Our Blog is Live!

To kick this bad boy off we are going to feature one of our favs from the Holiday Sessions! This is the Sciara family from Las Vegas.  I grew up with Jen, the gorgeous mother, and I have had the pleasure of photographing them for the past two years.   To be honest, it's hard to take a bad photo of this uber fashionable family!  I mean, how cute are those kiddos!!!  Enjoy!